Monday, Jun 01
Death toll climbs to 13,798 in Spain

Death toll climbs to 13,798 in Spain

Despite the problematic data, hospitals in Spain are noticing a downward trend in new cases and ease in overall pressure compared to previous weeks. | 07.04.2020 - 13:44

Spain saw a surge of 734 more coronavirus deaths, with the total death toll reaching 13,798, according to Health Ministry data released Tuesday.

This figure breaks Spain’s four-day streak of fatalities trending downwards. On Monday, 674 deaths were reported.


Tuesday’s data also said over 5,500 new cases were confirmed, bringing the total of official cases to 140,510. Over 43,200 of those patients have recovered – an increase of nearly 3,000 since Monday.

Only Italy has reported more coronavirus deaths than Spain, but with Spain’s lower population, it has surpassed Italy in terms of per capita fatalities. It is also suspected that the number of official deaths is much lower than the true figures.

Data released by the government of the Castille la Mancha on Monday suggests that 1,921 people have died of coronavirus in the region – 70 percent more than the official central government number of 1,132.

In the midst of Spain’s fourth week of lockdown, the government is now thinking forward to the next phase of containment.

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