Tuesday, Jul 23
Brits are stockpiling food, medicine for no deal Brexit

Brits are stockpiling food, medicine for no deal Brexit

As the withdrawal agreement flounders in the British parliament, more UK citizens started to worry about a no-deal Brexit.
Ensonhaber.com | 11.07.2019 - 13:12

A recent poll shows, 4 out of 10 Brits are stockpiling items including food medicine and other supplies as a preparation for the growing prospect of the UK’s no-deal Brexit later this year.


Nearly half of people in the UK reported having started stockpiling goods in fear according to research into consumer behaviour carried out by an intelligence company.

Acording to the research, food ranked first as the most stockpiled item with a 56 percent rate. A 44 percent others are building up supplies of household items while 37 percent are doing so with medicine.

"Food and drink manufacturers face difficulty in securing frozen and chilled warehousing space or logistics capacity for stockpiling. Manufacturers will therefore have no spare production capacity or ability to store ingredients and finished products." the report said.

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