Saturday, Jan 19
Russian forces start patrolling around Syria's Manbij

Russian forces start patrolling around Syria's Manbij

Russian military police have begun patrolling around the Syrian city of Manbij, a spokesman said Tuesday, moving into an area once held by US-backed forces. | 09.01.2019 - 09:37

After the US decided to withdraw troops from Syria, Russian forces want to take over the control of the region as well as the Assad regime forces.

YPG terror forces, called regime forces to Manbij late last month after US President Donald Trump’s surprise announcement of a full American withdrawal from Syria.


Speaking in a report on Rossiya 24 television, Russian military police spokesman Yusup Mamatov said MPs had started patrolling the security zone around Manbij. “The task is to ensure security in the area of responsibility (and) to monitor the situation and movements of armed formations,” Mamatov said.

The report said Russian military police would be deployed in the area “on a regular basis.

It showed a group of around a dozen khaki-clad armed military police driving through villages in jeeps and trucks flying the Russian flag.

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