Sunday, Jan 20
200-car convoy from the US to YPG

200-car convoy from the US to YPG

US-led coalition forces YPG continues with its loyalty. After a long hiatus, the US has contributed to the re-terrorist weapons, as well as a convoy of 200 cars. | 08.08.2018 - 12:10

The US continues to maintain its sincerity with allies and the PKK with the Syrian arm YPG despite all the reactions. Search for a particular period that weapons and military aid after Turkey's reaction to the US sent guns and ammo convoy with YPG.


The US, which has not sent weapons and ammunition support to YPG for a long time, is a new party material from the terrorist organization. With trucks of 200 vehicles, the weapons and ammunition going to Rojava were sent to the area for the use of YPG.

It was learned that there was military munition in the convoy.

200-car convoy from the US to YPG - VIDEO


Since 2014, the United States has regularly provided YPG with military resources. The aid was rejected by many countries, especially Turkey. In particular, Turkey's allies, perform an action at a time when it questioned the US, it has been interpreted as a move that could further force the environment.W Washington has not yet given an explanation for the 200-car convoy.

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