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Turkish senior official warns of perception operation

Ensonhaber.com 2018-08-13 09:55:30

Fahrettin Altun says Turkish president, in his speech, did not mention seizure of deposit accounts

A Turkish senior official late Sunday warned of a perception operation over the Turkish president's remarks in the northern province of Trabzon.


Turkish Presidency Communications Director Fahrettin Altun tweeted that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said early the same day in Trabzon it was a responsibility of both the state and industrialists and merchants to keep the nation on its feet, otherwise they would have to implement plan B or plan C.

Altun said a perception operation is going on over those remarks of Erdoğan.

"This perception operation is part of the economic war that our country is facing," Altun tweeted.

He added that the Turkish president did not mention seizure of deposit accounts anywhere in his speech in Trabzon.

Altun said Erdoğan's words were a warning against the exit of foreign currency from Turkey.

He said as Erdoğan did not give any detail about plan B or plan C, it is ''unacceptable'' to produce imaginary scenarios and try to disturb market actors.

"Turkey is facing an economic war. However, our economy is strong, we will win this war in a unity of the nation with the state!" Altun added.

In his speech, Erdoğan, referring to industrialists, said, ''Do not prefer to rush to banks and buy foreign currency. You would do the wrong thing if you resort to such options just to be on the safe side. You should know that it is both our and industrialists' and merchants' responsibility to keep this nation on its feet. Otherwise, we would have to implement plan B or plan C.''