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Turkey warns citizens against US travel over security

Ensonhaber.com | Haber Merkezi | 12.01.2018 11:53

Turkey has warned its citizens against travelling to US in case of possible terror attacks.

In a travel warning statement on its website, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said there had been an increase in terror attacks and violent incidents in the US recently.

The warning published on the official website: "It has been observed that there have been increasing cases of terror and violent acts in the United States."


"It has been observed that there is a recent increase in terrorist and violent attacks in the US." the statement said, referring to recent attacks at Ohio University's campus, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport, Dar Al-Farooq Mosque in Minnessota and a church in Texas.

"Attacks by vehicles being driven on crowds, in addition to bomb and gun attacks, are likely to continue to target city centres, cultural events, subway stations, state buildings, places of warship and school campuses." the statement continued.


The ministry also warned about alleged "arbitrary arrests" of Turkish citizens, including public servants travelling to the US for official duty.